We offer our pure bred Siamese Cats with these guarantees:

  1. We are the legal owner of the cat.
  2. The cat has had its first vaccination.
  3. The cat is in good health when it leaves our care.
  4. Cats will be 8 weeks old before they can leave our cattery.
  5. We will deliver cats anywhere within Thailand.

Buyers must accept these responsibilities:

  1. Buyers should take their new kitten / cat to their local vet for a check up soon after receiving him or her.
  2. Any health issues must be communicated immediately to us.
  3. Health issues received by us after 30 days will not be treated by us or any refunds given by us.
  4. All delivery charges must be paid by the buyer.
  5. If you are buying a kitten / cat without visiting our cattery you must accept it on the basis of the pictures and other information supplied by us prior to the sale.
  6. We do not accept returns of kittens / cats sold by us.
Siamese cats for sale Thailand